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Making Coffee


groups: 2

boiler technology: Multi Boiler

temperature control: PID

brew pilot: yes

shot timer: yes

counters: yes

smart alerts: yes

water boiler: 3 kW (10.5 l)

coffee boiler: 2x 1.5 kW (2x 0.5 l)

pump: rotative (external)

steam wands: 2

"cool-to-touch" steam wands: yes

water tap: 2

water with temperature control: yes

programmable water portions: yes

automatic cleaning: yes

touchscreen: yes

shortcut keys: yes

e-lever: yes

"Pressure Profiling": 2 x 5

preheated water: yes

energy saving

sequential heating

power: 3.8 - 6.8 kW

voltage: ~220-240V / 400V~2N

steam knobs: yes

cup warming: yes

LED light: yes


customization: yes


weight (kg):76

Fiamma Astrolab 2 PP

14.400,00 €Price
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